US researchers develop a unique technique to quickly charge EV batteries

US researchers develop a unique technique to quickly charge EV batteries

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Electric Vehicles are the future, however, there is a lot that is to be explored to address current EV-related challenges. One major challenge is the slow charging of batteries, coupled with a low mileage. This happens to be one of the major factors that is affecting the current EV demand-supply.

In order to address this issue of time consuming charging, a team of US researchers have designed superfast charging methods tailored to power different types of electric vehicle batteries in 10 minutes or less, without harm.

Tailor-made battery charging protocol

Reportedly, charging lithium-ion batteries that fuel an electric vehicle is a delicate balancing act. The battery in each and every EV has different parameters, depending upon its amount of usage, and the environment it is used in. Keeping this specific need in mind, the team of researchers developed tailor-made charging protocols for different vehicles.

The research is aimed at optimising charging speed while avoiding damage to the many different types of battery designs currently used in vehicles. Machine Learning (ML) techniques were incorporated to study different charging data to create unique charging protocols.

Adding to the above research, the team also focused on developing a technology which can read battery conditions that can further be analysed by charging points, creating a compatible charging protocol.

Reportedly, this approach significantly increases the amount of energy that can go into a battery cell in a short amount of time, keeping the battery condition intact.

It would be impressive to see Indian EV makers adopt this technology sometime in the future.

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