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The most lethal emotion of all is said to be 'anger' (only second to love) because it has the power to attain utmost dominance on our thought process and lives.

Anyway, today our point is- if you believe in venting out instead of brewing it to a boiling point, then we have news for you. Hope you're hungry for this one or to put it in a better way, hope you're hangry!

Breaking the News!

For the first time in India, there is a Bhadaas Cafe located at Indore where people drop by to break things in order to manage their anger and stress problems, after which they conclude their session with a meal here! Nope, we ain't kidding you.

This is not just any other regular cafe that you often visit to chill with friends but a bizarre therapeutic space for people who are looking for an outlet for their frustration. You can break things in a room where no one can see or hear you, scream, hurl abuses or do whatever calms your nerves without being judged whatsoever.

Say Whaaaaat!

The cafe has several rooms where you can destroy things including glasses, tables, bottles and even computers and televisions after paying a nominal fee! There is a vacuum room where you can scream and you’ll find a counselor and a psychologist available at the cafe who can help you to confront your own feelings as well. BTW, if you’re worried about your safety, FRET NOT! They have security all around the area and before you venture on your path of destruction, they’ll hand you a safety uniform which’ll dutifully take care of any harm coming your way- sounds like a super suit for Hulk!

After we chuck the angry out of hangry!

After the whole process of destruction, you can choose from their range of delish finger foods like cheese nuggets, potato bites, French fries, cheese corn nuggets and so on- a typical snack hub! Wash it all down with freshly made juices, tea and coffee and end your snacking fare with a relaxed mind.

Bhadaas cafe also promotes digital detox and so, all the technological devices with the customer are confiscated by the cafe till the time they are there so your Instagram is going to be disappointed this one time here in Indore!

Where: 27-A, Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, MR-9, Main Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore

Timings: 10am – 10pm

Cost: ₹450 for two people (approx.)

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