Indore airport to launch Pink Taxi services exclusively for women travellers!

Indore Airport authorities aim to take steps to ensure safety of women. They plan to introduce a pink taxi service exclusively for women, much like what we have seen in Delhi and Noida.

With the pink taxis, they aim to provide women a safer and hassle free travel environment.

The service will be exclusively available to female passengers during the night time. Another step in the right direction is that they aim to employ only women drivers for these taxis. The taxis will be coloured pink so that they stand out and can be easily identifiable.

The idea for this service came after a private company wanted to run a late night taxi service from the airport to traveller’s residences. The airport authorities then took over the idea and modified it to cater to the immediate needs of women passengers. They have mentioned that as of now, the service is only a late night service but in the future, they hope to expand it into a 24x7 service so that it can benefit all women travellers round the clock.

As of now, the airport has a couple of taxi services that commuters can make use of. Apart from that, users can also make use of cab services such as Uber and Ola, both of which have been the root of such issues in the past. The pink taxi service is a first of its kind in Indore and we hope to see it kick off in a big way.

For most of us from Noida, the Metro is nothing short of a lifeline. A saviour in times of need, the metro has connected various parts of Noida to mainstream Delhi. Now, however, you're going to have to take a different look at these metro trains, because you can rent them for throwing parties!

Granted, that isn't really the first thought that comes to mind when one says either party or metro, but it is certainly something interesting. From now, one can book a metro coach on our favourite Aqua Line metro and celebrate any occasion. So read on to find out how it's going to go down and everything else you need to know.

What's the update?

Ever wanted to party in a Noida Metro Train coach? Well, it seems that now you can, with NMRC's latest initiative. The idea was taken from similar initiatives in Jaipur, Gujarat and Gurugram's Rapid Metro, where train coaches can be rented out for parties. Incidentally, no other foreign country implements this rule.

One can book coaches on operational as well as stationary trains. To ensure that the average commuter isn't held up, only up to 4 coaches can be booked by a party. For booking coaches, you're going to have to pay a security deposit of ₹20,000 and then ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 each hour. Paying extra will get you a decorated coach from the NMRC, so that you don't have to do anything.

In order to actually book a coach, or four, all you have to do is head over to the NMRC's website and apply at least 15 days prior to the date of engagement. Following that, the NMRC will look into the matter and you can get partying in your metro coach within no time!

Knock Knock

The NMRC is constantly coming up with innovative ways to generate revenue from Noida Metro. Earlier, the metro stations opened up for film and television shooting. In the near future, we expect the revenue to help improve and expand Noida Metro.

Delhi elections are just around the corner. While the tensions are high in the national capital, with numerous campaigns and rallies asking people to cast their precious vote, there are a few who still need to make travel plans in order to cast their vote. To ensure that every last voter gets to practice their democratic right and no vote is lost, SpiceJet is offering free tickets to those who're registered as voters in the Delhi.

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In just a matter of three years, Mumbaikars will be able to take a 12-hour drive to get all the way down to Delhi, and vice versa. The 8 lane highway that is the NHAI's (National Highways Authority of India) pet project has just been put on the fast track to completion by January 28, 2023. Authorities have stated that there will be no flexibility in this date.

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We all know Mother Dairy as the standard milk and milk products seller. Every locality in Noida has its very own Mother Dairy and it is how we guide the Zomato delivery executives to our homes- "Bhaiya Sector 18 ki Mother Dairy ke paas aana hai apko". We have had the opportunity to visit the Mother Dairy ice-cream parlours too, but this new branch of Mother Dairy is completely new to us!

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The issue of women's safety in Delhi is one that has been plaguing the city for a really long time. Now, women are taking matters into their own hands by offering female passengers from IGI T3, rides in their women-driven cabs.

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Delhi's Mughal Gardens, which open for a couple of weeks annually, are now again gearing up for their public opening this year. Locals and tourists alike, wait an entire year just to take in the mesmerising beauty of these gardens. The garden is expected to be open from February 05 to March 08, 2020.

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