15 trains originating from Indore to be equipped with LHB coaches

15 trains originating from Indore to be equipped with LHB coaches

As per reports, the Indore-Howrah Express will run with the upgraded coaches from October 2.

The Railway Administration has decided to upgrade about 15 trains originating from Indore with the new ergonomic Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches. The new rakes will make the commute more comfortable for the passengers by reducing the train travel time. As per reports, the LHB coaches can race past at 110 kmph, adding more speed to the journey. The trains will pick up acceleration after crossing Nagada town.

All trains from Indore to soon have LHB rakes

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While several trains running from Indore are already upgraded with LHB coaches, the Railways has decided to replace the existing coaches of all rail services originating from the city, en route comfort. Passengers travelling from the Indore-Howrah Express will be able to experience this new facility from October 2.

The Indore-Patna and Shanti Express trains are lined up next for being installed with this new modification. Besides, the Indore-Bilaspur Express, Indore-Bikaner Express and Indore-Rewa Express will also be upgraded with the new-age LHB coaches.

The benefits of the LHB train coaches

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The Linke Hofmann Busch rakes are designed with German technology that ensures minimal physical discomfort, much required during long-distance journeys. The coaches are cast in stainless steel and are also equipped with central buffer calling (CBS) system which prevents derailment or overlapping during an accident.

As informed by a former member of the Railway Passenger Amenities Committee, the LHB coaches bring in double the provision - rapid speed and increased comfort. Each sleeper coach, built in the new design, has 80 seats while the three-tier AC bogey has around 72 seats.

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