Consignment with 12,000 injections for treatment of black fungus to reach Indore today

Consignment with 12,000 injections for treatment of black fungus to reach Indore today

Indore to get the complete consignment of the 24,000 antifungal injections, in the next 2-3 days!

Black fungus patients in Indore are all set to receive a major medical respite as the district anticipates the arrival of about 12,000 antifungal injections today. This aid is the first installment of the total 24,000 such injections ordered from a pharma company based in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The consignment was fast-tracked via a green corridor between Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. From Delhi, the injections will be airlifted and brought to Indore on Friday, read reports.

The pursuit of black fungus injections

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Amid the countless perils of the COVID pandemic, Indore has been gripped by the rising threat of Mucormycosis which has pressed the administration to arrange for effective clinical solutions, promptly. After the relentless efforts of the Indore Divisional Commissioner for about 15 days, the district has finally been able to arrange for Black fungus injections to expedite the infection treatment.

As per reports, Indore has been scouting for bulk antifungal jabs for quite some time now and on May 18, the Divisional Commissioner came to know about the Himachal-based pharma company. This agency had started mass production of the injections and accepted the Indore tender on the condition of advanced payment. The officials conceded to the demand only after they sent two drug inspectors to the manufacturing units in Baddi to certify the validity, authenticity of the injection and the company.

When the company started to receive requests from other states as well, the Indore Divisional Commissioner sent in a team of two officials to ensure the procurement of the jabs without delays. The decision to send in an aircraft to Delhi and airlift the injections was finalised late on Thursday. The remaining 12,000 injections will also be delivered in the next 2-3 days.

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