COVID inoculation drive begins in Indore; healthcare workers to benefit first

COVID inoculation drive begins in Indore; healthcare workers to benefit first

Mass immunity drive against coronavirus begins in Indore; Mrs Asha Pawar, a fourth class health employee becomes the first in the city to get vaccinated.

The Indore district initiated its COVID-19 vaccination drive in sync with the launch of the nationwide inoculation drive flagged off today by the Prime Minister. The state authorities have identified about 15,000 people as the first phase beneficiaries of the vaccination drive, about 5 prominent city hospitals have been designated as vaccination centres to conduct the drive smoothly. These include MY Hospital, Aurobindo Hospital, Rajshri Apollo, Bombay Hospital, and ESIC, which are equipped to shoulder a load of 100 recipients every day.

Indore fights back coronavirus

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Indore's monumental fight against the coronavirus began today with the immunisation of its first healthcare employee, Mrs Asha Pawar at the MY Hospital. The launch at this city centre was supervised in the presence of Water Resource Minister, Indore MP, District collector and commissioner. Vaccinator Jyoti Puranik, who has been working in the field of medicine for over last 3 decades administered the shot, and labelled her input as the most precious memory of her life.

As per the immunisation road map, the first phase of vaccination will conclude only after all health workers, listed in 15,000 phase 1 beneficiaries, are administered the second shot of the vaccine, 28 days later.

Marked off as the largest mass immunisation drive across the globe, India's vaccination programme has begun simultaneously across the nation, inducting about 3006 session sites across all states and union territories. Connected virtually on the inaugural launch of the maiden phase, each centre has envisioned to vaccinate about 100 people today, to achieve the nation's goal of vaccinating 3 crore people, including government and private-sector health care workers and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) workers, by the end of the primary phase 1.

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