West DISCOM to focus on powering drinking water sources in Indore & Ujjain divisions

West DISCOM to focus on powering drinking water sources in Indore & Ujjain divisions

New transformers will be installed to manage the increased load during summers

In an attempt to provide access to drinking water during summers, Madhya Pradesh West Zone Electricity Distribution Company (West DISCOM) plans to power the drinking water sources efficiently in the Indore and Ujjain division. The project will consist of two phases, at first, technical upgrades will be made at an estimated cost of ₹20 crores. Further, at an estimated cost of ₹50 crores, the work for maintenance will be brought out.

West DISCOM to make tangible changes for powering water sources

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The West DISCOM will implement the project to ensure the electric supply in the far-off areas. The move is aimed at countering the electricity needs amid the rise in temperature. With heatwaves striking the city, the usage of electric appliances has also gone up. Reportedly, DISCOM has allotted 5 new connections in the industrial area since the beginning of April.

As per the officials, computers, laptops, and printers will be arranged for the zone in charge to ensure the consumer delivery services. As per reports, Industries are expected to consume 670 crore units this year. West DISCOM's efforts to provide the necessary power supply to the city will help make summers for the people bearable.

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