The flourishing cafe culture in other cities has overtaken Indore too and in return, we Indoreans have access to some of the most beautiful and diverse cafes here. The city is brimming with eateries which offer divergent cuisines and our palates are never bored when in Indore.

On a similar note, we have chanced upon a cafe which offers Greek and Lebanese grubs and is making its way to our 'favourite list' with its unique beverages, hummus-pita and much more. Cafe Mama Loco is the place to be at, even after midnight and here's why it deserves a place on your Instagram!

What's Good?

Cafe Mama Loco, situated at the heart of Indore, allures you at first sight with its eye-catching blue door and Greek vibes. Once you step in, you'd surely try to trace every reason to stay a little longer!

Done up in shades of blues, greys and yellows, Mama Loco actually represents the theme of whatever is on their menu. The service is real quick and the portions are hearty too, which makes it worth all the dough you spend here. Their outdoor space is as appealing as the indoor seating area yet both are distinctly pretty on their own terms. The vibes are pretty chill and no matter what mood you're in, it surely is gonna get better after you drop by!

While looking at the menu, especially on your first visit, it's easy to be confused about what all you should order! But that's where we come in and you can thank us later.

Order the Falafels, Mini Filo Wrap, Conta Dina Pasta and definitely go for the Chicken Doner and the Chicken Lasagna! It's gonna be a meal to remember. Wrap up the meal with their epic Baklava and wash it all down with their varieties of Hot Toddy!

Knock Knock

The perfect place for small meals or even an elaborate dinner plan, Cafe Mama Loco is not too heavy on the pockets and is clearly a happening spot for the youth, especially after midnight! Overall, this place is meant for those who want to binge on Greek or Lebanese delicacies, amidst a relaxed setup. Totally recommended for cosy dates and meet-ups with your squad over good food!

Location: G-1, 6/3, Princess Centre, New Palasia, Indore

Timings: 12 noon – 3 am

Cost: ₹900 for two people (approx.)

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