Fresh COVID cases dip to single-digit tallies in 5 Indore division districts on Thursday

Fresh COVID cases dip to single-digit tallies in 5 Indore division districts on Thursday

In the last 24 hours, the daily influx of coronavirus cases surged by 577 new cases in the Indore district.

In a significant respite against the coronavirus spread, seven districts in the Indore and Ujjain Divisions in Madhya Pradesh, reported less than 50 new coronavirus cases on Thursday. The test positivity rate (number of positive cases per 100 tests) was restricted to 1% in five towns of the Indore division, including Barwani, Burhabpur, Alirajpur, Jhabua and Khandwa. Reportedly, this was awarded due to the controlled daily case spike, that was limited to single-day tallies here.

COVID-19 recedes spread in Indore Division

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The Indore division is an administrative geographical unit of Madhya Pradesh that projected a sharp descent in the coronavirus impact on Thursday. This region is made of 8 districts and around 5 of these, reported single-digit COVID cases in the last 24 hours. As per data records, these districts reported a total of 25 fresh cases with 8 infections in Barwani, 2 each in Burhanpur and Khandwa, 9 in Jhabaua along with 4 in Alirajpur.

Meanwhile, the pandemic status in administrative headquarter Indore, continues to descend its normal course of marginal dip. Around 577 new cases were reported here on Thursday, raising the infection meter to an aggregate of 1,47,922 infections. Of this, 7,162 patients continue to receive active treatment in the district. It may be noted that Indore is no longer nursing the highest active surge in Madhya Pradesh as state capital Bhopal assumes the worst-hit position.

Recoveries treble over the fresh caseload in Indore

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In another healing trend, Indore logged in 1,895 recoveries on Thursday, exceeding significantly over thrice the number of fresh infections. So far, the district has managed to yield the highest number of recoveries in Madhya Pradesh, given its 94.2% recuperation rate. With 4 virus-related deaths on Thursday, the toll is progressing at 1% in the district. So far, around 1,327 people have succumbed to the virus threat in Indore.

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