Gulawat Lotus valley in Indore is set to get a complete overhaul
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Gulawat Lotus valley in Indore is set to get a complete overhaul

Get ready to see a revamped Gulawat Lotus Valley

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

In Indore, there are quite a few places that can pique the interest of not just the locals, but the tourists as well. You've got lanes of food, several heritage spots and even a few natural hubs that give you a break from the concrete jungle.

One such hub of nature is the Gulawat Lotus valley, which is now gearing up to receive a complete maintenance and visual overhaul. For a long time, the beautiful abode of nature had been left neglected, but now, matters are about to change.

What's the update?

Gulawat Lotus valley in Indore is set to get a complete overhaul

After a long wait, the Gulawat Lotus valley at the outskirts of Indore is finally undergoing a much needed makeover. Earlier, this valley cum lake had been left neglected, which gave way to a whole lot of flora and fauna. At the same time, the lotus valley itself was in much need of some care, which and the authorities have finally taken a step towards it.

Now, the Lotus valley at Hatod tehsil will completely be transformed into a tourist hub for nature lovers. This will be done with the help of green technology that will help in rejuvenating the quintessential flora of the valley.

Once the renovation of the place is done, it will accommodate a lot more tourist friendly activities. Some of these include things such as boating and water sports in the lake itself. Apart from that, facilities such as bathrooms and food stalls for tourists will also come up at the lake cum valley. Visitors can expect boating and water sports by the end of this month. The rest of the make over is expected to take a few more months before one can see an impact.

To make this a reality, the Indore Municipal corporation has partnered with the local Panchayat, which will allot a number of farmers to tend to the valley. Even during peak tourist hours, everything will be kept in order and will be properly maintained.

Knock Knock

For a long time, this serene natural abode had been neglected and was not a part of tourists' itinerary. Now, with the help of the overhaul, it will once again become a booming hub for tourism and those who want a slice of nature to break the monotony of everyday life.