24 new dengue cases recorded in Indore on Wednesday raising alarms about a re-surge

24 new dengue cases recorded in Indore on Wednesday raising alarms about a re-surge

Cumulatively, 513 individuals have been affected by dengue this season.

Marking a hike in the dengue case tallies, 24 fresh cases were recorded in Indore on Wednesday. With these new additions, the total cumulative count of individuals affected by the vector-borne disease in Indore stands at 513 cases, as of October 6. Notably, this spike has been registered after a halt of 2 days, which raises concerns amongst the health officials and city dwellers.

18 men, 6 women & 7 children infected on Wednesday

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As per reports, out of the 24 new cases logged on Wednesday, 18 men and 6 women were found to be infected. Additionally, reports state that 7 children also tested positive for the mosquito-borne disease on the same day. While a total of 513 cases have been recorded to date, about 298 of them are men and 215 are women, reportedly. Besides, 111 children below the age of 15 have been clutched by the dengue infection in the past few months.

14 field teams deployed to prevent a spike in cases

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After a downward trajectory of the caseload last week, the re-surge in dengue infection has raised an alarm in the city. On Wednesday, the new cases were recorded from Silicon City, Rambagh, Clerk Colony, Nipania, Khajrana, Manik Bagh, Atal Khel Maidan, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Nehru Park, Pardesipura and Khatiwala Tank.

In a bid to tackle the menace caused by this disease, 14 field teams have been employed by the state government to prevent further spike in cases. These teams run door-to-door surveys and fogging drives all across the district. Additionally, the state government has also called for public cooperation to fight the rise of this seasonal infection.

-With inputs from TOI

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