Indore Metro's Phase I will see the light of day by 2023
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Indore Metro's Phase I will see the light of day by 2023

Indoris, rejoice! You could be riding Indore Metro in the next few years

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

In an ever expanding city like Indore, good public transport is a must. However, the reality differs from what should be. Getting from one place to another is a major hassle as there are very few buses that traverse the entire area of the city. Now, it seems like our cries have been heard because Indore Metro is quickly gaining steam and will soon become a reality as an MoU was recently signed by the Madhya Pradesh State Government.

Indore Metro's Phase I will see the light of day by 2023

What's the update?

As per the latest reports, the authorities have finally given us plans of the upcoming metro in Indore as well as in Bhopal. According to the same reports, the goal of the State Government is to have phase one of both metros- Bhopal and Indore, operational by 2023.

This piece of news is music to our ears as we finally may have a better connected Indore. There's no denying that this was the need of the hour.

Like intra rail systems in the other cities, the Indore Metro will come as one of the best developments for the city. The metro will make commutes much easier for residents living in all parts of the city and will also make for a more future proof city.

What is Phase 1 of Indore Metro?

Indore Metro's Phase I will see the light of day by 2023

As of now, 6 corridors of the metro have been proposed but the first one will be functional by 2023 and construction of the same will begin shortly.

This route will be a 31 kilometer stretch that covers prominent areas in the city including residential and commercial complexes. Areas such as Bengali Square-Vijay Nagar-Bhawarsala-Airport-Palasia-Bengali Square will be connected via the metro.

Most of these areas are high traffic ones and the fact that they're getting metro connectivity means that you can say goodbye to the long and winding traffic jams.

Whom will it benefit?

From visitors to the city, to every day commuters, Indore metro will come as a boon to almost everyone who is in Indore. Apart from that, it should lead to less congested roads and a better connected Indore, which is something that we've been wanting for a long time.