Indore News

Residents of Indore are always on the lookout for new and exciting developments and that is why we are here to tell you that the city will get four new roads in just a matter of two years!

Indore's city scape is expanding at a phenomenal rate and with all the progress the city has had in the past few years, we're excited to see how this will change the face of the city.

What's the update?

Four new roads are coming up in Indore and they will bring not only convenience to residents of different parts of the city but will also ensure that bottlenecks, and traffic jams are reduced, along with travel times. Traffic in Indore is like the Achilles' heel of the city but with the help of the four new roads, one can expect traffic conditions to get better in the coming few years.

Sure, transforming the entire traffic would be a herculean task but the four new roads will certainly be a step in the right direction. The new roads will include MR-3, MR-5, MR-9 & RE-2.

Where exactly will the roads come up?

Residents of Pipliyapala Regional Park and Bypass are in for a treat because that is where the MR-3 road is going to come up, bringing with it more streamlined traffic. MR-5 will take commuters from Indore Wire Square to Bada Bangarda, both of which are rather congested routes as of now.

As for the other two roads, MR-9 and RE-2, they will be constructed to connect areas from Ring Road (IDA Scheme No 53) to Bypass and from Bhuri Tekri to RTO via Nemawar Road respectively.

All four of these routes are connecting different areas, so the effect of their results will carry on all across the city. These areas are often rather congested but with the new roads, the situation would surely change.

Knock Knock

When it comes to traffic in Indore, residents have it rather mixed. While in some areas, the condition isn't that bad, most areas are plagued by issues such as traffic jams, congestions and a whole lot more. These new roads will certainly help streamline the traffic to some extent and we're completely backing it.

When one thinks of Indore, what comes to mind is a whole barrage of awards, a plethora of culture and an abundance of colloquial cuisine. What doesn't come to mind however, is electricity and how the city functions on it. To make Indore synonymous with electricity and conservation of it, authorities have geared up to install almost a lakh smart electric prepaid meters in housing complexes over the next two weeks.

What's the update?

As far as electricity standards are concerned, Indore isn't really a city that has an issue in that department. However, with the help of the new smart meters, house owners will have the capacity to top up their electricity meters and expend it at a slow rate. Though the previous concept of having reading meters outside houses was doing well enough, it wasn't a secure enough method and was easily tampered with.

One might ask the question, exactly what is the need for such a system. The answer is actually quite simple, the older reading meters were unsafe and it was easy for just about anyone to 'steal' electricity from someone else. To take a stand against this, a company created the smart meters and their experiment seems to have been fruitful.

Put an end to electricity theft with smart meters

How do smart electricity meters help?

The smart meters, of which 97,000 have already been installed, aim to contain power pilferage and cuts the losses incurred by distributing companies, thereby increasing revenue. It is beneficial for home owners as well, in that it allows them to top up as much electricity as they want.

Since each smart meter has a unique ID, they can be monitored, blocked or even be given increased power to handle more load. The unique ID also makes it a lot more secure. A huge benefit is that if there is something wrong with the system, it can be remotely fixed by the main server connection, removing any hassle.

Knock Knock

Indore is a city that we all know for cleanliness, but soon, it will be known for more than that. It will also be known for heralding a wonderful change in our day to day lives and how we view electricity, one of the most important aspects of our life today.