Indore startups get a global market with a chance to showcase at Dubai Expo

Indore startups get a global market with a chance to showcase at Dubai Expo

This avenue will open an international spectrum of opportunities for young businesses from Indore

Entrepreneurs from Indore, local startups and businesses now have the chance to showcase before a global market at the ongoing Dubai Expo. This avenue will open an international gateway of opportunities for young businesses towards commercial success. As per reports, MP Shankar Lalwani of Indore is presently in Dubai and has invited investors to check out different Indore startups. to give a push to the entire scheme.

India ranks 3 in terms of number of unicorn startups

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MP Lalwani reportedly said in a press statement that India is at number 3 when it comes ot the number of unicorn startups. The Dubai Expo, therefore, will be a great stage in presenting the country's journey of development. He continued to add that he has spoken to officials in the Indian Embassy and in-charges of the Indian pavilion at the expo to exhibit startups from Indore.

The expo will wrap up in a month, however, startup owners who are interested to participate can still register themselves online. Future participants can register themselves using this link - Here, The MP also shared that the officials of the India Pavillion at Dubai Expo have allowed Indore entrepreneurs to exhibit their startups for free.

Indore startups being given due recognition

Ahead of the launch of MP's Startup Policy, Union Minister of State for Finance, Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad awarded about 25 startups from Indore working on various innovations. The awards ceremony took place earlier this month, on February 12. The Minister sees great potential in these startups and expects them to grow rapidly.

The Indus Entrepreneurs, MP (TiE-MP) plan to invest ₹100 crores in MP startups, the MP said. He went on to add that an I-Hub will be built in Indore inspired by the T-Hub in Hyderabad. A venture capital fund will also be developed for the same.

- with inputs from Times of India

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