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Kanha National Park allures you from Indore with a host of thrilling adventures!

If you are a travel buff who loves to indulge in offbeat adventure, this biodiversity hotspot deserves an itinerary soon!

Located at a distance of over 610 Km from Indore, Kanha National Park crowns the Maikal range of the Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh. Famed widely for its Tiger Reserve, the park has attained worldwide recognition for being one of the most prominent wildlife sanctuaries. With its jungle safari and Bammi Dadar (sunset point), Kanha offers a combination of adventure and serenity. So if you are a travel buff who loves to indulge in offbeat adventure, this biodiversity hotspot deserves an itinerary soon!

Spreading across vast areas of Mandala and Kalaghat

The park sprawls across the revenue districts of Mandala and Kalaghat, fencing a huge expanse of land. As per records, the area was declared as a reserve forest in 1879 and later, it was re-christened as a wildlife reserve in 1933. In 1955, Kanha got promoted to the level of a national park and it has continued to garner significant attention since then.

Covering a diameter of 940 sq km in the Maikal range of the hills, Kanha amalgamates the buffer and core zone together. With a total area of 1945 sq km, Kanha Tiger Reserve avows everyone with its breathtaking magnificence!

A royal home to a range of exquisite wildlife!

The park is encircled by awe-inspiring prairies and the different shades of green interspersed by myriad colours of the forest account for a splendid view. Adding value to the beautiful land, the lustrous streams amid the dense green forest enhances the ambience crafting an unrivalled aura.

Kanha is the appropriate home for a wide range of living beings, right from tigers to Barasingha and abundant species of plants, birds, reptiles and insects. With an array of spectacular offerings, the park enthrals everyone who visits it.

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The story of this vivacious land has been an inspiration to many writers like Rudyard Kipling who wrote his famous 'The Jungle Book' on the forest. In fact, many filmmakers have been influenced by the exceptional beauty of the forest like Soham Shah, who produced 'Kaal' after incorporating the forest as a part of his script. So if you are enamoured by the attractions of this place, mark your long holidays on the calender and plan a trip soon!

All Mumbai local services to return to tracks from October 28

While 100% of services are being resumed, public access to the suburban local trains is still restricted.

In a bid to streamline and regulate the increased passenger load in local trains, the Central and Western Railways have decided to resume 100% suburban services in the Mumbai division, starting October 28. Notably, the Railways have clarified that though all services are being restored, the existing travel restrictions for the general public will continue. Only those recognised and allowed by the government and Ministry of Railways are permitted to travel in the local trains, in accordance with the established standard operating procedures (SOP).

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The 16th National Aerobics, Fitness and Hip Hop Championships are all set to take place in Lucknow from 14-16th of January. The championships will be hosted at the KD Singh Babu Stadium. To promote the sport in the state, a new executive committee for the Uttar Pradesh Aerobics Association has also been formed. The UP Aerobics Association has been given the permission to host the event after receiving recognition from the UP Olympic Association.

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7 new COVID-19 cases of Delta sublineage AY.4 plague Indore

COVID cases have surged by 46% in Indore

Amid the overall pandemic dip, a new subvariant of the COVID-19 Delta mutation threatens to spill new infections and troubles, especially for the people of Indore. As per a genome sequencing report of the National Centre of Disease Control (NCDC), around 7 cases of AY.4 - a sublineage of the Delta variant- have been detected in the district. Notably, the new mutation is presently a 'variant of interest' and not much is known about its transmissibility, virulence and overall severity.

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New war rooms to be set up in Lucknow, Kanpur & other major cities in UP to combat air pollution

The use of all 10-year-old diesel and 15-years-old petrol vehicles has been strictly prohibited.

Gearing up for the fight against air pollution, the govt of Uttar Pradesh has decided to set up war rooms in Lucknow, Kanpur and other major cities. The new infrastructure will be set up under the authority of the Road Dust Management and will keep a check on various sources of pollution. As per reports, similar war rooms will also be set up in NCR districts to improve the overall air quality in UP.

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Kanpur Metro covers 3,900 metres in its maiden trial run!

The three-coach train covered a distance of 3,900 meters by completing three laps of the 650-meters-long test track.

The Kanpur Metro conducted its first trial run along the depot test track on Monday, ahead of the RDSO trials slated next month. Reportedly, the brand new three-coach train of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation fleet covered a total of 3,900 meters by completing three laps of the 650-meters-long test track. As per the project timeline, the Kanpur metro division is expected to commission public services by the end of this year or early January, next year.

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