Indore on a road to recovery; zero COVID deaths reported in Indore in last 31 days

Indore on a road to recovery; zero COVID deaths reported in Indore in last 31 days

Indore records its lowest-ever case positivity ration July, where only 5 out of 10,000 samples test positive for COVID-19.

Reports of zero-COVID deaths in the last 31 days have highlighted the emergence of a remarkable healing trend in Indore. The statistics were brought to light by the Respiratory Medicine HOD of Mahatama Gandhi Memorial Medical College here. The district's toll presently stands at 1,391, notably the highest across Madhya Pradesh.

Reduction in viral causes dip in fatality rate

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Medical experts in Indore have pointed out that new infections, the severity of cases, hospitalisation and deaths are linked to each other. A dip in the virus infection, therefore, naturally reduces the active load, the detection of severe cases and the need for hospitalisation. Indore has thus not witnessed a single COVID related death for a significant duration.

This can be called a remarkable arrest in Indore's positivity ratio, which dipped to 0.05% in July, the lowest level since the outbreak of the pandemic. As per the daily health bulletin records, only 5 out of 10,000 samples tested positive for the coronavirus infection in the city during July. The rise of new cases was also limited to the lowest tally ever. Only 146 new cases were reported here from a pool of 2.85 lakh samples.

This ushers a huge respite for the city dwellers amid the pandemic mayhem, who were battling with a 15% high COVID positivity ratio during the peak of the second COVID wave, this year in April and May. The overall dip in the infection has been also connected to high antibody prevalence among the people due to natural infection or fill vaccination. The lack of new hosts, with any immunity, has reduced the virus impact.

COVID vaccination drive slows down in Indore

Meanwhile, the COVID vaccination drive in Indore was reduced to almost half in July as compared to the June operations. A dip in the administration of vaccines was noted in the district, where only 7 lakh doses were provided. In June, the vaccination coverage was as high as 12 lakh doses.

As per official records, a total of 3,30,83,004 doses have been administered in Indore since January 2021. Of these, 24,91,413 are first dose jabs, while 6,29,965 are the second dose that has resulted in the full vaccination of around 22.04% of the eligible population in Indore.

- with inputs from TOI

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