Are you someone who is interested in the art of terracotta and clay pottery? Do you want to take a look at Indore's budding clay moulders' talent? Well, if your answer happens to be yes, then we've found something special for you.

This December, you can pay a visit to the 4th National Maati Festival in Indore and get in touch with the local clay moulding scene. The event is going to be packed with loads of interactions with artists and even stalls where you can take home some souvenirs.

What's happening?

Listen up, Indoris! There's an amazing terracotta art exhibition headed your way. Celebrating the rich history of clay and terracotta over the years, and across all civilizations, artisans from Indore will showcase their skill and talent at this exhibition.

What's in it for you?

Some of the experienced artisans who will showcase their work here includes sculptor Pankaj Agarwal, furniture designer and pebble artist Smita Bhardwaj and the highly talented clay artist Anushri Dubey, who learnt her art from Ethiopian artisans.

Each of them have a unique style that makes them stand out. Their art transcends the boundaries of what we know as conventional art and gives us a new, varied look at how they see the world. Surely, their art will leave you seeing life from many different perspectives.

Apart from this, for the first time, there will be a live demonstration by the potters themselves. This is a great opportunity for you to see artisans in their element, and how they go about the process of creating their art.

About Studio Akira

Representational Image

Studio Akira provides a platform for these budding artists to showcase their talents to a wider, more diverse range of people. At the studio, they can express and give a voice to their art and give insights on what it was that pushed them to create the vivid, imaginative sculptures, paintings and clay pottery.

At Studio Akira, visitors are free to purchase any of the art pieces that they fancy. Maati Festival by Studio Akira will be held on December 21 and 22.

Knock Knock

We're always on the lookout for cool events that you guys can pay a visit to and this is the sort of thing that should be right up your alley. With a lively interaction, some showcases and more, the event should be the perfect way to catch a break from your everyday hectic routine.

When: 21st to 22nd December

Where: Studio Akira, Vijay Nagar

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