New flights to ease connectivity from Indore to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi & Hyderabad from October 31

New flights to ease connectivity from Indore to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi & Hyderabad from October 31

These flights are part of the winter schedule approved by the DGCA

As per the new winter flight schedule approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, 25 new flight services will be started to ease connectivity from Indore to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The daily flight movement between Indore and Delhi is set to increase with the induction of 16 new flights on this route. 10 new flights on both Indore-Ahmedabad and Indore-Mumbai routes along with at least 8 other services between Indore- Hyderabad, will also be functional from October 31.

Maximum flights will be operated by IndiGo airlines

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As per the official reports by the Indore Airport Authority, more than 85 domestic flights are confirmed to fly between Indore and 18 other cities, according to the winter schedule which will be followed from October 31 '21 to March 26 '22. Being one of the most popularly traveled routes, Indore-Delhi will have the maximum number of flying slots including around 8 IndiGo, 4 Vistara and 2 Air India flights.

Additionally, IndiGo and Air India will operate as many as eight and two flights, respectively, on the Indore-Mumbai route. Moreover, approximately 10 flights will fly between Indore and Ahmedabad, with a majority being operated by IndiGo, added reports.

FlyBig will also resume its operations from Indore

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Purportedly, flights to Surat, Jodhpur and Prayagraj are also estimated to start from November 1 along with FlyBig resuming its operations on the routes of Ahmedabad and Gondia from Indore. In the current times, Indore airport has over 60 flights operating within its premises with only 8 flights on the Indore-Delhi route. This step is expected to increase the passenger flow to and from Indore on a daily basis.

-With inputs from TOI.

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