Pratyush Chaubey is coming to Indore next month & we’re gearing up to ROFL at his show!

Of late, we've been seeing a rise in the list of stand-up comedians, musicians and other artistes who’ve been visiting Indore. If you're on the lookout for an event that will leave you in splits, then you have to head over to an insane comedy show by the one and only, Pratyush Chaubey.

The man is making his way to your city and folks, believe us, it is time to be hyped up! His fun filled jokes, light hearted humor and funky take on life, makes him a stand-up comedian who can win hearts all over. Within no time, you'll be ROFL-ing like there's no tomorrow!

What's Happening?

In case the long week has got you down or the tiring assignments and the never ending chores have been taking a toll on you, then this event that is for you!

Though the show itself is just a few hours long, the impact of the show will stay with you for days to come. You'll soon be internally smiling if you just recall some of his jokes, which is perfect for all those boring family get togethers!

His comedy is really light-hearted, pointed towards social issues and on the whole, grounded. This is something that's missing from the comedy scenes these days and Chaubey realizes that, it's all about the comedy and nothing else!

About Pratyush Chaubey!

Chaubey's journey to stand-up comedy is one worth commending. Having left his job as an engineer at a leading company, he fully invested himself to the art of stand up comedy.

For a long time, he struggled and in his initial days, YouTube wasn't very kind to him. However, he waded through it all, found his own niche and an audience that appreciates him and then he made his way up from there.

Knock Knock

We can safely say that you're going to be in for a surprise when you see him masterfully perform his craft. His style of telling his woeful story through jokes and hilarious situations, is what we love about him.

When: December 08, 2019

Where: Effe Cafe

Book your tickets here.

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