As heatwaves intensify in Indore authorities announce new timings for school students

As heatwaves intensify in Indore authorities announce new timings for school students

Public & pvt schools in Indore to operate from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

In wake of the rising temperature and humidity, the Indore civic body announced to change the school timings on April 6. The released order, states the new timings as 7:00 M to 12:00 PM. The decision has been made considering the constantly increasing temperature in the city. Both government and private schools will now operate under the issued guideline. Similarly, the time for anganwadis has also been changed. Children will now attend anganwadis from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Rising mercury forces officials to alter school timings

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The effects of the relentless heat can be witnessed in the city as the highest temperature touches 40˚C on Tuesday. People all over the city are choosing to stay inside their homes and offices during the day. In light of the summer growing harsher, authorities are concerned about its adverse effects on students and the heatwave that will hit the district in the coming months.

Owing to the rise in temperature, the Health Department has also issued an advisory, asking people to stay under the roof, during peak hours (12 pm to 3 pm). Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. BS Saitya shared with the media that drinking a lot of water, having seasonal drinks made out of raw mangoes, etc., wearing loose cotton clothes and taking other necessary measures are a must to beat the heat.

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