September records high COVID-19 cases in Indore; 572 fatalities till today

September records high COVID-19 cases in Indore; 572 fatalities till today

Maximum covid deaths have been outlined this month.

After a brief period of low tide, corona cases in Indore have surged to newer heights this month as compared to the previous months. Since the 20th of September, Indore has been witnessing a rise in positive cases of the novel coronavirus and tests are also being regularly conducted to identify and isolate the victims at the earliest. As of today, Indore has reported 24,475 confirmed COVID-19 cases and the city has observed 572 deaths, along side.

19,370 patients have recovered in Indore

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Currently, Madhya Pradesh has documented 1,30,088 cases, out of which 1,07,279 patients have recovered as well. Out of the 24,475 victims of the virus in Indore, 19,370 of them have gone back home after finally testing negative for it.

On Thursday, reportedly, almost 4,000 samples were examined and over 3 lakh citizens have been investigated in the city so far. The testing capacities of the city have been turned up since the relaxations have been put into place and thus, more victims are being recognized. The slacking attitude of the people around due to the relaxations bestowed, is also being regarded as a cause of the rise in the COVID-19 statistics of the state.

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