Short film by THIS 23-year-old from Indore screened at 74th Cannes​ Film Festival

Short film by THIS 23-year-old from Indore screened at 74th Cannes​ Film Festival

Indore's Stanley Hector does it again!

The 74th annual Cannes Film Festival of 2021 marked an important achievement for Indore as Stanley Hector's short film 'Jump!' was screened at this global event. This cinematic production chronicles the tale of an overweight boy scout who struggles with acrophobia (fear of height) and is forced to overcome it when there is no other option left but to jump off a mango tree. Read on to know more about this film and other accolades received by this 23-year-old director.

Story of courage & chasing fears

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This 6-minute-long film stars a 9-year-old, Shaunak Mahindrey, who aims to pursue a career in acting. The actor told that his father, who is also the producer of this film, helped him prepare for this role post which he aced the auditions and landed this opportunity which is now winning international acclaim.

In Jump!, Mahindrey plays the role of a boy scout whose kite gets stuck on a mango tree. Despite being overweight, he climbs the tree in an attempt to retrieve his kite but gets stuck after losing his ladder and a show. Finally, when left with no other choice, he overcomes his fears and jumps off the tree.

About Stanley Hector

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Reports quote Hector saying, "I wanted to show that in life, we reach a point where we have to take a big decision at crossroads. We often don't know if we are going to make the right decision. We must go beyond fear and face the challenge. We are met with victory in the end."

This film is the second of Stanley Hector's movies to be selected in Cannes, the first being 'Midnight at 2' which was selected in 2018. He was both the writer and director of this cinematic production. An alumnus of FAMU - Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, his other works include- The Hero Within (2021), Pablo (2019) and Globe (2016).

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