Nobody makes better chai than you do? Then DIY here at the Split Bean in Indore!

The quirky interiors and fun vibes of this place is simply unmissable.

When in Indore, you can never be outta options if you wanna chill with your squad or wanna catch up on some alone time over a cup of perfectly brewed coffee or chai! But if you're on the lookout for new eateries for the sake of your Insta or otherwise, then you should totally check out Split Bean at Vijay Nagar. This recently launched casual dining space has our attention because of its contemporary interiors and of course, the expansive food and beverage options!

Make your own chai!

A vibrant decor comprising of florals and patterns, Split Bean's interiors are Instagrammy af and as soon as you take a seat, you're gonna be spoilt for choices, the moment you look at the menu! Their Chinese and Italian grub options are the real deal but what truly pulled us in, was the 'make your own chai' option.

Here at Split Bean, you can actually instruct the staff on how you'd like your chai to be and they give you ample of choices pertaining to the leaves and condiments to be used, so that there's no room of error in the cup. Sounds like the perfect place right?! You don't even have to step into a kitchen for your preferred style of tea; just sit, order and sip away!

If you're confused about what to order, then we'd suggest you to go for the Fusion Fries if you're not too hungry but if the rats are runnin' wild in your tummy, then opt for their Mushroom Risotto Sizzler or the Classic Cheese Calzone pizza. We bet, you're gonna be bombarded with an array of flavours on our palate, putting you away swiftly to a food coma!

So what we're saying is-

The quirky interiors and fun vibes of this place is simply unmissable and the staff is super courteous too! So drop by with your friends when in this vicinity and we're sure your Instagram feed is gonna be lit AF once you enter! Needless to say, Spli Bean is undertaking all the required hygiene measures, to ensure a safe experience for their patrons so you don't have to think twice before heading here. Also, this eatery is gonna be easy on your pockets as well, which means *drumrolls please*, you don't have to wait for salary-day for your visit.

Location: 1st Floor, C-21 Business Park, Near Radisson Square, Vijay Nagar, Indore

Contact: +91 8068971563

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