Task Force to look after the treatment of Black Fungus patients in Indore & other MP districts

Task Force to look after the treatment of Black Fungus patients in Indore & other MP districts

Currently, the infected patients are receiving free treatment at five medical colleges, including one in Indore.

Alerted by the rising cases of black fungus infection, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to constitute a dedicated task force for tackling the disease in the state. After the CM issued orders to this effect, it has been stated that the expert group would look after the treatment and cure procedures assuring quick recoveries for affected patients. Given the worrying spike in cases, this initiative will safeguard the citizens across Indore and other state districts.

Officials to ensure adequate testing facilities in all districts

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The CM summoned an online meeting with the state's health officials where he affirmed that necessary measures must be taken to diagnose the disease in its early stages and quick interventions must be deployed. As a part of this large-scale program, there must be sufficient facilities for conducting tests in all districts of the state. Subsequently, it was also stated that cooperation and assistance from the privately employed doctors will be a key factor here.

The proposed task force will be formed by the Health Minister, Medical Education Minister, Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretaries of the departments concerned, ENT specialist S.P. Dubey, Lokendra Dave and other experts. As per its main objectives, this committee will attempt to strengthen the medical infrastructure in its fight against black fungus infection.

Free treatment across medical colleges of Indore and 4 other districts

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The CM apprised that individuals infected by black fungus are receiving free treatment at five medical colleges across Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Rewa districts. Given the high fee of treatment procedures, the state government is making sure that they are available for the citizens free of cost. Additionally, there are proposals for roping in private hospitals too, if appropriate arrangements can be made.

- With inputs from IANS

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