The euphonies of Indore Gharana resonate through regal tunes of a rich legacy!

The euphonies of Indore Gharana resonate through regal tunes of a rich legacy!

Combining the characteristics of four maestros, Ustad Amir reinvented classical music!

Fusing the styles and expertise of four exceptional Indian vocalists, Indore Gharana reverberates through the finest patterns of Hindustani classical music. Ustad Amir Khan, an unparalleled artist of his times, incepted this vocal form by blending attributes from the techniques of Abdul Wahid Khan, Aman Ali Khan, Rajab Ali Khan and Abdul Karim Khan. Combining the characteristics of the four maestros, Ustad Amir reinvented classical music, giving a new definition to it!

Unique & different from the usual thrills of Indian classical music

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As per experts, Indore Gharana takes a softer route marked by gradual amplification of the tunes. While most other Indian styles are characterised by thrill and vivacity, this form resonates along regal and dignified lines. It collects together the vilambit tempo witnessed in Abdul Wahid Khan's music and the taans of Rajab Ali Khan. Further, it has been stated that the merukhand pattern is similar to that popularised by Aman Ali Khan of the Bhendibazaar Gharana.

While Indore Gharana was patronised by a number of musical geniuses, Pandit Amarnath, Shrikant Bakre, Gokulotsavji Maharaj, Ajit Singh, Pental Singh Bandhu and Kankana Banerjee are some of the notable names.

Tune in for an ever-lasting impression!

All kinds of Indian classical styles weave an experience that is essentially divine and magical but the beauty of Indore Gharana is such that it would leave an ever-lasting impression. Though it is not amongst the most known genres, an exploration of this classical style will keep you hooked to it for long. So if you have a penchant for diverse music, you must delve into the finesse of Indore Gharana!

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