This winter season, relish the sweet flavours of Indore's famous Mawa Jalebi!

This winter season, relish the sweet flavours of Indore's famous Mawa Jalebi!

A must-try, when in Indore.

A custom delicacy of the Indore city, the 'Mawa Jalebi', also known as Burhanpur Ki Jalebi is a richer and more elaborate rendition of the traditional Indian jalebi. While the usual jalebi has a crisp crust and a gooey, warm centre caramel filling, Indore's Mawa jalebi is sweeter in taste and mushier in texture. Appeasing your sweet tooth with its heavenly flavours, wrapped with the essence of cardamom and saffron, it's a must-try when you are in the city of Indore.

Time to re-define indulgence!

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If you are craving for something sweet and sugary, then biting into the warm and soft khoya jalebis is the ultimate solution. To explain it simply, the Mawa jalebi is like a coiled gulab-jamun, dipped in chashni, topped with chopped dry fruits, which is enjoyed best when it's fresh and hot!

This sweet-dish has a detailed method of preparation, that starts from the concoction of a smooth, runny and glossy batter, to slow-flamed cooking before it is finally coated with the sugary goodness of aromatic chashni, redefining indulgence with a unique Indori flourish. What will surprise the first-timers here, is the fact that this sweet-bite has no special, secret or unique ingredients, however, it'll still manage to hold your attention and make you want to have more of it!

Whipped to perfection, by churning water, milk, sugar, mawa and all-purpose flour together, the batter for this jalebi rendition is worked on until it reaches a smooth, runny-pasty consistency. It is then rested for at least an hour, so that the jalebis turn out perfectly spongy and soft, on being deep fried. It's then dipped into the sugar syrup, which is prepared by adding green cardamoms and a hint of saffron to boiling water!

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