In a matter of a few weeks, Indoris could witness a complete turnover in the traffic situation here in the city. The upcoming and much awaited Pipliyahana Flyover in Indore is on its way to completion and it is just a matter of time before Indore bids farewell to their traffic issues.

The traffic condition in Indore has been deteriorating quite a bit with the passage of time. With the help of the flyover, the area between World Cup Square and Bengali Square will finally be congested. Owing to years of neglect, this route itself was the root of many choke points and bottlenecks.

What's the update?

At its core, the goal is to ease out the traffic flow, which is why it is vital to cut down on bottlenecks. A larger part of this upcoming initiative focuses on making roads safe, rather than just making them traffic free. The stretch from World Cup Square and Bengali Square will soon become safer for all.

To get started with the project, the IMC has sent out a team of surveyors who will scout the area and will identify key choke points. Following that, experts from different teams will draw up a plan prior to the construction of the flyover. Work for the same will be completed once the threat of coronavirus takes a backseat.

Apart from just the flyover, the traffic police in Indore are hard at work to finally implement a range of new developments and changes to the cityscape. Along with that, there are also plans improve upon infrastructure on roads- this will include addition of new roads, new traffic signals, sidewalks and more.

Sero-surveillance survey to be conducted in 85 wards for a week, in Indore

Serosurveillance provides estimates of antibody levels against infectious diseases.

The administration of Indore had proposed the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to conduct a sero-surveillance survey in the city and this has move has now been approved. Tuesday onwards, 170 health workers will survey 85 wards in Indore, which was earlier considered as a primary COVID-19 hotspot of the state.

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In a first, IIT-Indore receives 100-Cr worth of grant; Tech Hub to be set up soon

This body will assist research and developmental projects.

IIT-Indore is already famed as an institute which believes in class-apart innovations and it is truly their time to be recognized as a potential leader in technological advancements. So to bolster the institute's repute and career prospects of the students, the Department of Science and Technology has entitled them to a grant worth 100-Cr for the setting up a technology innovation hub.

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Indore Covid-19 update: Containment zones increase as the city tally crosses the 6000 mark

8 new regions declared as containment zones in the city!

The Industrial hub of Madhya Pradesh, Indore has been witnessing a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases. About 120 people tested positive for the virus infection on Sunday, taking the total tally of the city around 6155 cases.

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Indore records 136 new Covid-19 cases, highest in a month

District administrations caps number of guests to weddings and funerals to 20 in Indore

The most populous city of Madhya Pradesh reported around 136 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, which has also been recorded as the city's highest since the last month. With this number, Indore has also reported maximum number of cases in Madhya Pradesh for two consecutive days. The city of Indore has emerged as the worst hit cities in the state, with the most number of active cases(1338).

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