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If you’re in Indore and looking for something to stimulate your mind, look no further than this play.

Lehron ke Rajhans is a play written by renowned playwright, Mohan Rakesh and is being adapted by Sumeet Raj, who is keeping the story-line as close to the original as possible.

What is it About?

This play tackles the issues of marital life and how over a period of time, cracks start appearing in a relationship and quite often, it is not based on internal faults!

Through this play the author intends to communicate that if someone doesn't have a direct influence on you or your family, then one must not unreasonably assume that the some other person may benefit or harm you or your family in any way.

Though the play is set between a married couple, it can be translated to almost every other relationship and that’s the striking beauty of this act!

Sumeet Raj also mentioned that the cracks in the characters’ relationships are not because of one another but because of external factors that come into play.

In this story, the rifts appear and slowly drift the two main characters apart, leading each of them to take on different perspectives.

The premise of the play is set in a soulful relationship which conveys that the feelings or sayings of a third party should not change the type of relationship you share with someone!

Additionally, Sumeet Raj also mentioned that he has taken themes from Buddhism to put across his point to the audience for an in-depth analysis of the plot.

With the play, he aims to send across a message of living within oneself and not indulging too much in other activities.

At the essence, the play teaches us to trust one another and especially those that mean a lot to us.

When is it?

So if this grabs your interest, be sure to pay a visit to Anand Mohan Mathur Hall on January 9.

The play starts from 7 PM, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of a thought provoking play which will surely make you introspect and lend you some fresh perspectives!

Entry Fee: ₹100/person!

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