We all love television, don't we? The idiot box, as it is fondly called, has been with us since childhood and over the years, it has taught us many things that no school or college could.

If you are a huge TV fan, then you would be glad to know that Indore will play host to the 2019 Indian Television Academy Awards, which is the 19th edition of the mega award show.

What's happening?

A mega event celebrating the joys of television and the creativity of the people involved, the Indian Television Academy Awards will be held in Indore. This is the first time in 19 years that the award show will be held outside Mumbai.

In the past, the Indian Television Academy Awards have been massive events organised with a bang. Fans and TV actors come together to attend the show. At its core, the Indian Television Awards are a great way for fans to get in touch with their favourite TV celebrities.

Why Indore?

The decision to host the award show in Indore was taken on Friday, when the ITA convenor stated that the audience as well as the actors and directors are no longer in the same mindset. They have grown and so has the industry. What better way to celebrate the coming of age of television than at the Heart of India, Indore.

Apart from that, a few statements by the Indian Television Academy Awards spokespersons also made it rather clear that from now on, the award show will be held in several other cities, not just in Mumbai. Perhaps the reason for this is that the TV industry wishes to be closer to their audience, even the ones that are not in Mumbai.

Can you Vote?

Sure you can! Just head over to this link, and choose your favourite artists and even web series. From a range of nominees and a slew of awards to pick from, you are not at a lack of options.

Knock Knock

It is nice to see that Indore is being considered such an integral part of the TV community. Since this is the first time that the award show is being held outside of Mumbai, one can expect it to be rather grandiose. This is certainly a milestone in Indore's journey towards a better city.

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