Kamla Nehru Zoo Museum in Indore will soon host some rare species of reptiles, the longest reticulated snake species will be one of them. The poisonous Brown King Cobra and 25 new species of reptiles will be brought in from Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, among other states.

To accommodate the reptilian guests, Kamla Nehru Zoo museum is building a massive habitat structure which is reportedly 750 feet tall and 72 feet wide. The zoo authority aims to build a natural habitat for the animals, by looking after minute details such as providing an ambient temperature for the species.

The reticulated python is one of the longest snake species in the world with some pythons growing to a length of 38 feet. The Yellow Anaconda Snake which is about 7 feet in length will be flown in from Chennai and the 15 foot Brown King Cobra will be brought in from Hyderabad.

Apart from this, they also plan to bring in the deadly Black Mamba snake originating from Africa along with up to 8 new species of snakes into the habitat.

Indore Railway Station gets its first Self-check plus and sanitiser kiosk

Here is all you need to know about the new self check kiosk

Indore Railway Station now houses its first ultra-modern, self check plus and sanitizer machine. This technology has been provided by the Western Railways which stands as a testament to the advancing medical technology in the state as well as the country. The kiosk is completely unmanned and runs on a programmed artificial interface system to check the oxygen saturation and concentration of the passengers in the health sensitive environment of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Indore's health department draws a massive list of 230 virus-infected areas on September 18

8 new city areas have been recently identified by the Health Department

Indore has been experiencing a steady rise in the number of new cases, however, the scope of spread has widened. More and more areas of the city are now within the grip of the coronavirus, which is growing and transmitting at an alarming rate of 2.7% in Indore as well as Madhya Pradesh. To raise awareness among its citizen body, the Health Department released an area-wise list of infected patients in the city.

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COVID-19 cases in Indore cross 17,000; MP records systemic failure in testing provisions

Many people in Tana village, which is situated in MP's Dhar district, are corona positive.

Madhya Pradesh is one of the worst-hit states in India, pertaining to the coronavirus and as of now, 95,515 confirmed cases have been reported here. 22,136 cases are listed as active currently and the state has observed 1,844 fatalities. Amidst this gloom, MP has documented an alarming systemic failure, in regards to the COVID-19 testing provisions. Many people in Tana village, which is situated in MP's Dhar district, ended up as corona positive without even being tested.

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Indore remains as the worst-hit district in MP, with COVID-19 cases surging over 15,000

Most businesses in the city have decided to pull down their shutters after 7 PM, in the wake of the steady rising of the cases.

Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is the worst-hit district in regards to the coronavirus. The city has reported over 300 new COVID-19 victims on Thursday which has taken the total number of cases to 15,764 and the death toll as of today, is marked at 438. This has pushed the state's confirmed corona cases to 81,379 and as a whole,1,661 fatalities have been observed.

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Indore Unlock 4: ibus services resume after 5 months, hotels allowed to run at 100% capacity

Indore lifts night curfew and Sunday lockdown in the city.

In a new set of moderations and relaxations, the city of Indore will witness the return of AICTSL ibus service after a period of 5 long months. Other movement curtailing and restricting protocols of the city, such as the night curfew and the Sunday lockdown have also be revoked, restoring normalcy in the lives of Indoris.

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