The city zoo at Indore is an ever increasingly popular place for tourists and locals alike. The zoo offers a much needed relief from the everyday city life and lets you take in the beauty and eccentricity of nature- it’s flora as well as fauna in every possible way. Now, the Indore zoo could get even more famous and attract a larger crowd owing to the new animals that will be hosted here. The major attraction of the show however, will be the new snake species which are some of the largest in not only india, but all over the world.

What’s the update?

As far as Indore zoo is concerned, it is a must visit. The place has become a habitat for all sorts of furry friends, avian species and even reptiles. At any rate, the zoo is an educational as well as an entertaining place, where kids and adults have new and different experiences. To draw a larger crowd into the zoo, the authorities will now host two new snake species.

Of the few new species, one of them is a reticulated python- which is the largest snake species in the world and the snakes can grow up to a whopping 32 feet. The snake species are also some of the most rare reptiles in the world, which is why the zoo will now become an important international destination. Apart from that, they are also flying in anacondas and ball pythons from Hyderabad and Chennai respectively.

The snake species will be sent by a few other zoos in the country that have a surplus of these species and are unable to properly take care of them. Zoos in places such as Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai are the ones that volunteered to relocate these snake species.

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The facts

As of now, the snakes have not yet been received at Indore zoo, but the construction of a semi-natural reptile house for them is almost complete. The snake species will be kept in a special segment of their own, a safe distance from other animals as well as humans. Since these species of snakes are some of the most deadly in the world, precaution is a must.

Apart from that, the reptile house currently holds five different species of snakes. These snakes were put in the specially curated habitat so as to give the authorities an idea of how the snakes will react to the environment. The environment in the reptile house is also specially kept under control so that the snakes do not have to act out in any way.

Soon, the reptile house will also be home to tortoises, iguanas and several other reptiles including 11 other snake species. This however, will only take place when the snakes are comfortable in their man made environment.

At its core, the goal is to increase the appeal of Indore zoo as a great tourist destination for learning as well as experiencing new things.

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