5 best brunch places to be at in Indore this Sunday 

5 best brunch places to be at in Indore this Sunday 

With the long-weekend and brunch culture catching up in Indore, here is a list of 5 brunch places in the city that are sure to give you a foodgasm.

Square- Sayaji Hotel

Square is one of the most popular and loved places for foodies in Indore. The simple interiors of this place are warm, elegant, inviting and open. It is especially popular because of its fun and innovative bar menu with several drinks like ‘Vodka masal maar ke’ and ‘Curried Martini’. It serves lip-smacking Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine and is extremely popular for its selection of street food, desserts and live pasta counter. The service is prompt and staff courteous.

Cost for two: ₹1500

Indore Kitchen- Indore Marriott Hotel

Indore Kitchen is one of the few places that makes you feel grand; it’s luxurious, inspiring, larger than life interiors and attention to detail is what sets this place apart . The restaurant though famous for its interiors and great service, has some of the most fabulous selection of food. The cuisines they serve include North Indian, Italian, and Asian and the food varies from local specialty “Eggs Benjo” to Asian “Rice Congee”.

Cost for two: ₹1800

The Creative Kitchen- Radisson Blu Hotel

The Creative Kitchen or TCK, is one of the few places you can go to chill and have some amazing food with your friends. The restaurant serves great North Indian, Mexican, Italian and Continental delicacies. The place is best known for Baked Chicken Lasagna, various mouth-watering salads and expertly prepared desserts (especially the Saffron Phirni). The restaurant also boasts an al-fresco (open air) area and various live counters that are sure to make your drool, while you wait for the food and savour it with your eyes

Cost for two: ₹2000

Constellation- Hotel WOW

The word that describes this restaurant best is “grand”, the interiors are breathtakingly beautiful, the menu a huge selection of food from around the world (including but not limited to, Indian, Italian, Asian, Mexican, Continental, and Lebanese) and the overall vibe surreal. Their huge selection of Pizzas in the Italian menu, their innovative and fresh salads are one of the most famous and sought after attractions.

Cost for two: ₹1800

Kava- Fairfield by Marriott

Fairly new in the food circle, Kava is a safe player, the underdog of the best restaurant race in Indore. Kava has modern and comfortable interiors that are open, warm and inviting, nothing whimsical or over the top. The restaurant serves North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental, it offers a formidable selection of flavorful and delicious dishes to choose from. If having a fun experience is what you’re after, surely give this restaurant a go!

Cost for two: ₹1500

Now you have a busy weekend ahead of you, trying out as many brunch places as you can!