5 districts in Madhya Pradesh brace for heavy rainfall

5 districts in Madhya Pradesh brace for heavy rainfall

Heavy rainfall alert has been issued in various districts of MP, including Bhopal and Ujjain

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, along with four other districts, namely Sagar, Rewa, Ujjain, and Chambal, has been put on high alert as meteorological authorities issue a warning for extremely heavy rainfall. The forecast suggests the possibility of up to 8 inches of rainfall in these areas, raising concerns about potential flooding and other related hazards.

According to the IMD, Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a significant surplus in rainfall during the period from June 1 to July 10. The state has received an impressive 13 percent more rainfall than the average.

According to the latest weather forecast, these showers are expected to persist throughout the region for the next 4-5 days. While the rainfall is anticipated to be moderate in most areas, there is a possibility of heavy downpours in select regions. This forecast serves as a reminder to stay vigilant and prepared for localized flooding and potential disruptions caused by intense rainfall.

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