5 places in Indore to eat tasty Kachoris!

5 places in Indore to eat tasty Kachoris!

One might be under the impression that kachori is a prosaic street food with not much room for innovation or variety! Wrong! The careful preparation, the multitude of spices, flavours and fillings are what make kachoris a bestseller Indore.

Indoris, and visitors alike, rejoice! If you've been wondering where to find kachori in Indore, We have compiled a list of the 5 places in Indore that serve the best kachoris!

Gelda Kachori

The specialties of Gelda Kachori are it’s good old, authentic kachoris. Aloo kachori and pyaaz kachori are some classics they bring, along with unique offerings such as corn kachori and green peas kachori. The pure and simple taste of their kachoris is what will bring you back every time. In fact, it is perhaps what has kept the place going strong for the past 25 years.

Prasidh Kachori

Badri Laal Ji, owner of the establishment has been selling kachoris since 1964. He started out selling kachoris on his bicycle back in the day. The shop is also called Bam Kachori because, we quote, “While cycling near Bal Vinay Mandir I would say ‘Bol Bam’ to attract the attention of students.” Coming to the taste of the kachori, it is as desi as it gets. Badri Laal Ji still uses coal and not a gas stove to prepare his kachoris and give them that rusty, smokey, and memorable taste.

Anantanand Alpahar Gruh (AAG)

The shop has not one but two amazing specialties for you. Located at Jail Road, Anantanand Alpahar Gruh is famous for its unusual take on poha as well as kachori. One word for their kachoris - AAG, which is also the abbreviation for the shop. Their kachoris have stood the test of time as the place has been around for the past 60 years and people keep coming back for more.

Lal Balti

The kachoris at Lal Balti are as unique as it’s name. The kachoris have a filling of mashed potatoes and are served with a spicy green chutney. The delectable flavours have not changed one bit since the shop came into existence 50 years back. This joint has two branches - one in Rambagh and the other in Rajendra Nagar. If you’re ever in the vicinity be on the lookout for a glowing Lal Balti.

GSITS Kachori

Situated near Lantern Square, it attracts a huge young crowd due to it’s proximity to SGSITS College. Kachoris are served with the classic green chutney along with a pyaaz filling. The shop is almost a hole in the wall but the authentic taste of the kachori has earned it a loyal fan following. It’s popularity has stood the test with the college alumni still frequenting the joint.

Knock Knock

These joints are sure to satisfy your kachori cravings and then some. Each joint with it’s unique twist to the ages old street food, is sure to make you want to come back again and again.

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