AICTSL to start E-Bus service on BRTS corridor in Indore

AICTSL to start E-Bus service on BRTS corridor in Indore

A total of 80 E-buses will eventually run on the BRTS route. Read on to know more:

The Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) is set to replace its existing diesel-run i-buses with Electricity charged buses. Reportedly, these buses will run on the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) corridor in Indore. The project will be developed in multiple phases, in the initial phase, 30 e-buses will run on the BRTS corridor within the next six months.

Read on to know more:

Overhauling the entire commute system of Indore

In addition to these 30 e-buses, AICTSL plans to bring 50 more e-buses under the Union Government's Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme. As per the officials, these buses will be charged at the EV charging depot at Rajeev Gandhi Square, taking an hour and a half to get fully charged.

The CEO of AICTSL, Sandeep Soni, said "the e-buses would have the capacity of 32 passengers each, covering a distance of around 200-220 km in a single charge. Additionally, the buses will be equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS for real-time monitoring."

Forty battery-run buses by AICTSL already operate in Indore’s traffic-prone routes like Railway Station, Palasia, Malwa Mill, Rajwada, MG Road, Chandan Nagar, etc. The addition of a new E-bus fleet is aimed at entirely overhauling the commute system in the city, promoting sustainable development.

More developments in EV infrastructure sector

In a meeting held earlier this year, the Sarvate Bus Stand would be provided space for 50 e-buses. Moreover, It was indicated that passengers will be given a discount of 20% on rent on cashless transactions from Sangam Nagar and Ring Road. The commuters who use the passenger smart card will be able to travel on these buses through tap-out technology.

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