Bhopal to Indore in 55 min! MP launches new intra-state flight, connecting 8 major cities

Bhopal to Indore in 55 min! MP launches new intra-state flight, connecting 8 major cities

Offering 50% discount on fares for the first 30 days.

Madhya Pradesh takes to the skies with the inauguration of 'PM Shri Paryatan Vayu Seva', an intra-state air service aimed at bolstering connectivity between major cities like Bhopal and Indore. The service promises a swift journey, completing the route in just 55 minutes, a significant time saver compared to conventional modes of transport.

Aimed at streamlining and bolstering travel within the state, this initiative has slashed its fares by 50% for the first 30 days from launch, rendering air travel more accessible and affordable for residents.

Partnership between Intra-Air Service and Jet Serv Aviation Private Limited

Madhya Pradesh's Chief Minister inaugurated the service, operated by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB) in partnership with Jet Serv Aviation Private Limited (Flyola). With booking counters established and digital ticketing systems in place, this initiative marks a transformative step towards a more connected and prosperous Madhya Pradesh.

The Madhya Pradesh Government's decision to offer a substantial fare discount incentivises air travel, fostering growth in the state's aviation sector. Aligned with the government's vision for regional connectivity and economic development, this move is poised to yield positive ramifications across sectors, from tourism to trade and commerce.

By bridging 8 major cities, including Bhopal and Indore, this initiative not only slashes travel time but also adds vigour into the state's economic and tourism landscape.

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