Bored of endlessly working from home? Check out these 7 workation destinations near Indore

Bored of endlessly working from home? Check out these 7 workation destinations near Indore

Give your remote job a change of scenery at these locations & resorts in Madhya Pradesh

It has become evident in the last couple of years that the ‘work from home culture’ is here to stay. Working remotely is a change that undoubtedly came as a boon to keep away the deadly virus. However, it has become the bane of our existence lately. The line between work and life seems to be blurring for most stuck at home still.

In this case, getting up and getting out while working seems like the only option. Here's the list of 7 places that will help you break away from the same desk, same chair, and the same wall that you’ve been glued to for months now.

Choral Resort, Choral, Indore

Madhya Pradesh has numerous locations where tourists and locals head to unwind and indulge in nature. One of the many such locations happens to be the Choral Resort.

Located around 60 km away from the city centre, the resort has easy road connectivity. Talking about connectivity, the resort offers you free wifi to make the most out of your workation. A perfect view, ample of office friendly facilities, 24*7 hospitality and more. Other than this, visit this place to reconnect with friends and family, enjoy water activities and other fun activities.

Bori Safari Lodge, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

This relatively new lodge takes you in for a ride like no other. Since it’s new and the footfall is less, you can closely encounter wild animals from the safety of your rooms. The lodge also connects to the popular Reni Pani Lodge in the Satpura Tiger Reserve by means of a boat ride. Since the boat ride is only 2 hours long, you might be able to fit it into a less busy workday.

Bagheera Jungle Resort, Mocha, Kanha National Park

Fit for a workation, this place offers you both the comfort of luxury and refreshing encounters with nature. Guests have praised the amenities and staff here to be extremely welcoming of their needs.

Imagine going on a short hike while you are on your lunch break or refreshment! Well this is the place to be. From free internet connectivity and lake-facing balconies to freshly prepared meals, this resort in the middle of Kanha makes for a stress-free spot for your much needed workation.

MPT Rock End Manor, Pachmarhi

Take a breather from the scorching heat in Indore and head to the hills of Panchmarhi for a restoring experience. MP Tourism’s Rock End Manor makes the perfect place for a break from the monotony of working from home.

The exemplary hospitality, lush green gardens, and the cool air of the hills this place has to offer are just unmatched. The hotel building is nearly 120 years old and you can feel it in the architecture and decor. Despite being an aged building, the guests here aren’t kept away from any comfort that they can expect from a renowned hill station resort.

Sagoun Retreat, Delawadi

Just like its predecessors on the list, Sagoun Retreat offers you great internet connectivity along with a taste of nature and adventure. The facility is also equipped with conference rooms to accommodate guests working from the resort. You can also partake in some sightseeing after work and explore nearby places like Ginnorgarh fort, Choti Aamkho, Badi Aamkho, Choti Baoli, etc.

Jungle Resort, Udaigiri

This idea of relaxing while getting work done on a workation is best executed at a place like Jungle Resort in Udaigiri. The scenic greenery and the peaceful vibe here guarantees relaxation. If you happen to be here, brace yourselves for mesmerising encounters with deers and peacocks. You are in for a hindrance free workation backed with contemporary facilities and visits from magnificent creatures from the jungle.

MPT Halali Retreat, Sangrampur

Picture concluding your workday with a waterfall in sight. Sounds almost fantastical, right? Well, it is exactly what you’d get if you choose to spend your workation at the Halali Retreat. The Halali waterfall is only fifteen minutes away from the retreat.

You can take in the music and the picturesque sight of the waterfall to truly unwind. After months and months of working from home, a workation at the Halali Retreat is nothing less than revitalising.

So are you craving for some change in scenery while working? Well, these 7 places are up for providing you a perfect workation stay. So, make up your mind and take a stroll to these places.

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