Catch them all at Joshi's Flying Dahi Vada corner in Indore & let the flavours explode

Catch them all at Joshi's Flying Dahi Vada corner in Indore & let the flavours explode

Head to this place and order their soft mirchi dahi vada and go crazy.

There are times when we’d rather not go for desserts or fried food. But chaat? Can that ever be resisted? Just the sight of these scrummies make our mouths water and we ain’t kidding.

Be it a family function or just a busy shopping day, what Indorians cherish most is some (or lots of) crunchy golgappas, spicy tikkis and of course, dahi badas. And if you share this love then you have gotta check out Joshi's Flying Dahi Vada in Indore. Yes, you read that right. The vada‘s here are legit flying and we can’t wait to catch them all.

Gobble super yum Dahi Vada

Hailing from the streets of Indore, this legendary chaat house serves yummy Dahi Vada that’ll make you wanna leave everything you’re doing and head straight to Sarafa Bazar. Known for not only the taste, this chat house is quite popular for its cheerful owner who serves Dahi vada like a boss. His cool serving skills are a delight to watch, and we can’t wait to see the badas flying ourselves! Always crowded with keen audience, Joshi Ji never fails to strike a conversation with his amused customers while casually flying vada bowls from one hand to another without spilling a drop.

Made with love, their badas are super soft and are loaded with fresh whipped dahi and the right amount of masala. The sweet chutney and a dash of finely chopped coriander on the top is worth the wait! You can even ask for extra dahi if you want (what’s better than that?).

Knock Knock 

Apart from the above, this place also serves a handful of toothsome dishes such as nariyal patties and butte ki kachori.

If you are in Indore, seeing Joshi Ji swirling Dahi vada should definitely be on your to-do list. Enjoy flying Dahi Vada, bite on the lip-smacking bhutte ka kees with a garam chai ki piyali, and get lost in the amazing taste and conversations!

Location: 24, Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazar, Indore

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