Chai Lovers In Indore, Feast On These Awesome Teapoints This Season!

Chai Lovers In Indore, Feast On These Awesome Teapoints This Season!

Though Indore is famous for its snacky food, what deserves mention is it’s other speciality - Chai. It is one of the best things to warm you up on a cold day and with the winter season just around the corner, its time to sit back and enjoy some kadak Chai with your friends at these 5 off beat tea joints.

Arora Everfresh

Since it’s located near IT parks, Arora Everfresh is a go to chai point for many working youngsters. It’s a refuge for people after a hard day’s work. And the night shift just got better cause this joint is open till 1:30 A.M. It is a small tea point and easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for but once you get a taste of the delectable chai, you’ll never miss it again. The joint is not just famous among IT professionals- since it is in Nanak Nagar, it is well known by people who just crave a good hot cup of chai. The wonderful tea is sure to make you rethink what you thought was good tea!

Kinsariya Chai

This is a chai point that has been around for the past 35 years and is sure to stick around for many more. Situated near Annapurna Temple, it popular among the devout as well and is well known for its special elaichi chai which will certainly curb your desire for a hot cuppa. This makes it a frequent spot for young as well as slightly older people. The specialties don’t end here as they also have a winter based adrak wali chai. This will make you warm and fuzzy, immediately reminding you of your blanket, the rains and your favorite book. They know how to keep bringing people back every season.

Dadhichi Chai

It is famous as ‘Dadhichi Chai’ because it is situated on the main road on Dadhichi Chauraha. Due to its prime location, it is well known and highly frequented by chai lovers of all ages. A word to describe the chai- Kadak. This small tea point is one that has made a name for itself even though it does not have any ‘specialteas’. The taste of the pure classic chai is what draws people to it. The old world vibe of the place makes it a must have experience at least once.

TNT Everfresh

This shop probably has the most prime location- near the Rajendra Nagar Railway Station- making it extremely popular among travelers as it serves the best pick me up after a tiring journey. The shop has been around for 19 years and is going strong. It has developed a lot - so much that now its a full fledged store to purchase other amenities as well. The main selling point, however remains the chai that started it all. The chai here has a unique flavour even though it is just the classic. Perhaps the many changes and the tales told by travelers here is what makes it such a special chai point in Indore.

Bhawarkuan Sanchi Point

Though this chai point has no official name, it serves some of the best you can get in the city of Indore. It is unique as perhaps it attracts the most happening crowd because it is near Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya College. It’s the hangout of choice for college students looking for a break. The peaceful environment makes it a good place to finish some of your college work. The tea point has been around for more than 25 years and has served generations of students. It will certainly bring back memories of several old timers who would have frequented it back in their day!

There are any number of chai stalls you can visit in Indore. But we have compiled a list of five of the most unique tea points in the city where you can enjoy a cup of chai. Soak in the essence of Indore and experience the hustle- bustle of the city, all over a good cup of chai.