Check out these 7 street shops in Indore to satiate your pani-puri cravings!

Check out these 7 street shops in Indore to satiate your pani-puri cravings!

Get your spicy, tangy and flavourful fix of pain puri at these 7 local favourite spots in Indore

The flare of Indian street style food is impressively diverse, with a plethora of delicacies that add to its savour. But if there's one thing that's got every body under its cool yet masaledaar spell, it's the all-time relish of pani-puri! Call it whatever you may, puchka, gol gappa, paani ke batashe, gup-chup or puska, this street snack is the king of street-snacks and that's the only constant fact!

So if you believe in this pani-puri supremacy too, check out these 7 pani puri places in Indore to never be hard-pressed again to find a good version of the same:

Paliwal Chat Bhandar

Foodies claim that the pani patashas at Paliwal Chat Bhandar have special spicy ingredient, magic as they call it. Dearly known as Paliwal Bhaiya ka Jadoo Wala Patasha, the place offers you nothing less than an absolute flavour-bomb in a perfectly puffed puri. To no one's surprise, ths chaat outlet is always full and that's motivation enough to jump on this relish trail!

Location: H-1 Back Side, Near MIG Thana, LIG

Rajesh Pani Puri Centre

If you're a gastronme on a budget, Rajesh Pani Puri Centre is the spot you need to be at! The zing of this bite-size delicacy only makes cuts on the price and not the taste, rest assured. So if you are in the area and craving a piquant ride of the street-style snack, do make a pit stop here. And while you're at it, do grab their droolworthy dahi puri, desi Chinese and pav bhaji to get that no-regrets muffin-top going well!

Location: Netaji Subhash Marg, Chiman Bagh Square

Ghanshyam Chat House

This hole in the wall pani-puri-wala is not to be underestimated. Ghanshyam Chat House's pani puri has been a local favourite for years now, and a bite of the same will soon have you hooked to its unparalleled flavours too!

Guess what? It's not just the pani-puri that reigns its popularity among the town's foodies. There's also a delish rendition of bhel puri served here that adds on to its charm.

Location: Yashwant Ganj, M.T Cloth Market, Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market

SJE Pani Puri

​Brace yourselves before we get into this. SJE Pani Puri in Indore is the ONLY store in India that serves unlimited puris for just ₹21. Yes, you read that right! So if you ever want to wage a pani-puri challenge mukang with your friends or fam, you know your spot!

But hold up! That's not the only special thing about this pani-puri chain iSJE Pani Puri also offers you lip-smacking experiments like their pizza puri which is topped with cut up veggies and loaded with cheese. And they also sell chocolate pani puri, if you're ever curious.

Location: Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Nagar, Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay Nagar, Sukhlia

Krishna Special Pani Puri

Regulars seem to have great appreciation, not just for the tasty pani puri but also for the heart winning service at Krishna Special Pani Puri. A wonder-vendor, as some claim this place to be, the Krishan Special Pani Puri is also famous for their chhole pav and fry-pav that do not fail to impress too.

Location: 818/9, Rd Number 9, Nanda Nagar

Jain Shree Pani Puri

As recounted by Indore's top foodies, this is the best pani puri wala in all of Sarafa. This is yet another place in town that is known for experimenting with their pani puri fillings, and they do it with a kind of excellence. If you're ever curious as to what a chocolate puri tastes like, hit Jain Shree Pani Puri. Anyway, visit the place for going to Sarafa and not having pani puri at this place is no less than a crime!

Location: Sarafa Police Station, Bartan Bazar

7. Vedant Chat Chopati, Manorama Ganj

A short menu has let Vedant Chat Chopati perfect each item. If you live around Manorama Ganj, you must know about the place already. Priced minimally, their pain puri tastes like a refresher like no other which leaves all wanting for more.

Location: Manorama Ganj

Knock Knock 

Find your favourite style of pani-puri from the list as you hit the food trail in Indore. And hey! If you know any other local places in Indore that serve amazing pani puri, do keep us in the loop!

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