State Health Dept to launch Dastak campaign in Indore from July 18th

State Health Dept to launch Dastak campaign in Indore from July 18th

Names of around 14,000 children aged 0-5 years were digitized in a day as the target population under Dastak Campaign

As the monsoon season approaches the state, the Indore’s Health Department plans to launch the 'Dastak' campaign to spread awareness among the people about common diseases that can affect children during the season. Under the campaign, over 1 lakh children, aged 0-5 years have been listed as the target population. Out of these, about 14,000 names were digitized by the concerned authority in a day.

Door-to-door survey to target health problems at grass-root level

The campaign is set to take place from July 18th to August 31st, under which, the health department is targeting 4.31 Lakh kids. As per the reports, ASHA and Anganwadi workers will play a crucial role in providing services at the grass-root level.

According to the official report, a door-to-door survey to identify some common diseases like dengue, diarrhoea, malaria, etc., in children under the age of five years will be conducted under the campaign. Additionally, the identified children will be provided with immediate medical help. As a part of this door-to-door campaign, the team will also spread awareness amongst the residents regarding abnormalities and malnutrition among children.

Ensuring women health to combat children malnutritions

With an aim to end malnutrition-related deformities among children, regular checkup camps will be conducted for pregnant women in gram sabhas, at CHCs (Community Health Centre) and PHCs (Primary health centres).

Medication and other health benefits will also be provided by the state health department under the programme. This medication includes the distribution of Iron Folic Acid supplements to 3.88 lakhs kids and Vitamin A supplements to 3.66 lakhs kids to combat malnutritions.

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