Did you know about this 78 year old Indore man who boasts a record collection of rare clocks?

Did you know about this 78 year old Indore man who boasts a record collection of rare clocks?

A tall grandfather clock from France to a British clock dating back to 1830, Anil Bhalla's house is nothing less than a museum of timepieces.

Anil Bhalla was aged only 16 when he received an anniversary clock which only required winding once a year. That was his first clock and this timepiece marked the beginning of an obsession which led him to become one of world's biggest collectors of rare clocks.

Today, his house in Indore boasts a collection of over 650 rare clocks from across the globe, even featuring antiques that date back as far as the 1700s.

Highlights of Anil Bhalla's Collection

Anil Bhalla's little museum of antique clocks seems to have everything. From a Swiss clock that doesn't require any winding to a massive one that needs at least two people to wind it. Then there's an antique Indian clock, featuring carvings of Indian gods and freedom fighters along with an 1830 British timepiece that shows the time of 16 major cities across the globe.

His collection also features a Sherlock Holmes-style pocket watch which, according to the inscription on it, was made around a century ago for railway workers. A 10-feet tall grandfather clock from France is also one of the highlights of Bhalla's extensive collection of antique timepieces.

Anil Bhalla also runs an automobile business

Stepping into Bhalla's Indore house, one is instantly greeted by the tick-tock of countless clocks. The sheer dedication he showcases in looking after his antique collection would made one think this is all he does. But that's not true as he owns an automobile business and still makes sure he finds time to keep his clocks clean and ticking.

At 78 years of age, Anil Bhalla's dedication towards his antique collection is as admirable as it is puzzling. And as the clocks tick on and days turn to years, Anil Bhalla's museum of nostalgia will continue to enthrall those who learn about it.

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