Did you know? Indore has a 35 foot tall statue of the 2011 cricket World Cup trophy

Did you know? Indore has a 35 foot tall statue of the 2011 cricket World Cup trophy

No stranger to unique landmarks dotted around the city, Indore houses a one of a kind replica of the 2011 ICC World Cup trophy. Checked it out yet?

Indore, like every other Indian city, is one that loves cricket. Indore’s obsession with cricket and everything that is related to cricket knows no bounds, and the biggest proof of this craze is the 35 foot statue of the 2011 World Cup trophy situated in town. The huge statue was made to honor the Indian cricket team and their victory in the 2011 World Cup.

Indore's World Cup Square is a major landmark

Unveiled in 2014, it cost the Indore Development Authority (IDA) over ₹12 lakh and took about a year to be constructed. The statue is placed at the Pipliyahana Square and is made of an iron skeleton entirely overlaid with fibre.

Made by local sculptors Mahendra Kodwani and Ajay Punyasi, the trophy is 30 feet tall and stands on a 5 foot pedestal. It is commonly referred to as Indore's World Cup Square. This statue marks the enthusiasm and passion people of Indore have for the sport and the kind of love, effort and time they put into it.

Not the only memento

The cleanest city of the country sure knows a thing or two about grand gestures as they also have a humongous statue of a cricket bat, named Vijay Balla, which is placed at Nehru Stadium in town. This particular concrete symbol is etched with names of players on the Indian team who won the test series in England (1971) and West Indies (1972).

The names of these historical cricketers echo in the minds of all cricket fans in Indore.

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