Digital address system in Indore is another step towards a smarter city

Digital address system in Indore is another step towards a smarter city

All the addresses in Indore will be Geotagged.

Locating an address can sometimes become a challenge, and most of us have dealt with such an issue at least once. Well, this will not be the case for people living or travelling to Indore now.

In a move to make the task of locating addresses easier and simpler, Indore Smart City Development Ltd signed an MoU with Indore-based Pataa Navigation. As part of this initiative, all addresses in Indore will be geotagged using a software jointly developed by Pataa Navigation and ISRO.

Now, just a code for a lengthy address

Indore adopting a digital address system opens gates for startups to improve upon their mapping, geo-fencing, and last-mile physical & drone delivery services. As per officials, an 8 to 11 character, unique code will be assigned to each location once they are registered on the Pataa app. This code will then lead users to the geo-tagged location.

How to get your location geo-tagged?

  • At first, people will have to download the Pataa app from the Play store or iOS App store. Following this, the user will be required to sign up.

  • Users of the Pataa App can upload images of their homes, landmarks, etc. along with their addresses in the full text. Additionally, users can also record voice instructions for ease in navigation.

  • Once the address is uploaded and approved, users will also be assigned a unique address code which can be shared via a link to any Pataa app user.

Locate travel destinations in MP more conveniently

As per the MoU, the app will be used by all the government agencies for which the app will integrate with government platforms and emergency services, such as the fire department, ambulance and police.

In addition, all the tourist destinations under the purview of MP tourism will be geo-tagged, offering an advanced travel experience. Other than this, significant public assets, including bus stops and public restrooms will be mandated to upload the unique address code for public reference.

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