Early & efficient TB diagnosis now possible with new TRUNAAT machines at govt hospitals in Indore

Early & efficient TB diagnosis now possible with new TRUNAAT machines at govt hospitals in Indore

Molecular testing for Tuberculosis to pick up pace in Indore

In line with the centre's National TB elimination programme, the Madhya Pradesh government has installed 9 TRUNAAT machines in TB treatment units across the Indore district. The machines have also reached the rural health facilities in the district. In order to curb the risk of life posed by tuberculosis, the machines will be used for early diagnosis of TB in people with TB like symptoms.

Sample testing capacity to double

The TRUNAAT molecular testing device can give results in about an hour which also makes diagnosis faster and more efficient. With 9 new molecular testing machines, the total number of machines has gone up to 13 in Indore. This has also led to an increase in the sample testing capacity of the district.

More than double samples can be tested now as compared to before. Molecular testing for TB declined by 75% as compared to pre-pandemic levels. Reduced testing also caused lesser cases to surface.

TB preventative programme effective in Indore

The district achieved second place in the Programmatic Management of Tuberculosis Preventive Treatment (PMTPT) in April. Concerned health teams successfully identified 7039 people who came in contact with TB patients, 2398 were tested with pulmonary TB. In addition to that, preventative drugs against the deadly disease were also administered to 5318 people.

The administration has been making constant efforts to better the healthcare services in Indore. In an attempt to do so, the latest tech is being employed in the field of medical sciences. A medical knowledge-sharing programme that is in the works will also help overcome the complex treatment of serious diseases like TB, cancers, etc.

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