Eat up or pay; Indore restaurant charges a fine of ₹50 from patrons for wasting food

Eat up or pay; Indore restaurant charges a fine of ₹50 from patrons for wasting food

Indore's Karnawat restaurant serves unlimited food for ₹60 but be vary of the fine before you overfill your plate.

Food wastage at eateries is a sight we see too often across the country. Coming up with an innovative method to ensure zero wastage of food at their joint, an Indore restaurant named Karnawat charges a fine of ₹50 to patrons for leaving behind food on their plates. At this eatery, visitors can spot posters with the message- thali mei jhoota chorne par 50 jurmana!

The restaurant serves unlimited food for just ₹60

In spite of the fine on wasting food, city folks visit the Karnawat restaurant in Indore quite frequently. Why? Because the eatery serves unlimited food at just ₹60. Their menu features a slew of mouthwatering dishes from the South Indian, Chinese and North Indian cuisine, all offerings being strictly vegetarian.

In their dedicated efforts for reducing food wastage, the restaurant doesn't stop at levying a fine from patrons who leave food on their plates. According to the owner of the eatery, all the surplus food at the restaurant is distributed among the underprivileged in the city.

Knock Knock

The Cleanest City of India is full of surprises and thoughtful initiatives like these, and sets many examples for other cities to follow. Imagine the impact, if more eateries and households started the practice that Karnawat in Indore currently follows!

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