High school dropouts in Indore can appear for re-examination under Aa Ab Laut Chalein scheme

High school dropouts in Indore can appear for re-examination under Aa Ab Laut Chalein scheme

Over 3.5 lakh dropouts from the state eligible to appear for re-exams in June 2022

With the intention of bringing back the high school dropouts to mainstream education, the School Education Department introduced Aa Ab Laut Chalein Yojana. Around 14,000 students from the Indore district, who dropped out of school in classes 9 to 12, will now be eligible to resume their education under the scheme. These eligible students can appear for class 10 and 12 examinations in June this year.

Registrations carried out online, list of eligible students released

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Students all over Madhya Pradesh will be able to register themselves online using their original mark sheets and photo identities. The registration process was carried out on Madhya Pradesh State Open School’s website. Similarly, lists of eligible students have also been published on the website.

In total, 62,573 students from various districts of MP are eligible to appear for class 12 examinations in June 2022. As for class 10 examinations, 3,07,745 students are eligible statewide. Other important information like exam dates, exam centre details and course material will also be provided on the same portal.

Madhya Pradesh government aims at offering all the students in the state get a chance to complete their school education without having to worry about tuition fees and without comprising on quality education for a brighter future. Aa Ab Laut Chalein scheme is an instrument to achieve the same.

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