Indore's IIT & IIM launch a first-of-its-kind masters programme in Data Science & Management

Indore's IIT & IIM launch a first-of-its-kind masters programme in Data Science & Management

900 hours of learning & 15 hours live sessions every week

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) from Indore have collaborated to launch an online master's programme. The institutes will now be offering a first-of-its-kind two-year-long Master's course in Data Science and Management (MSDSM). The programme has been introduced keeping in mind the constantly increasing demand of data scientists and analysts in the industry.

41 students register for the first batch of the new course

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So far, a total of 41 students from across the country have registered for the MS programme. With an intention to impart industry knowledge to the students, the two premier institutes aim to help them recognise areas where data science can be useful. Additionally, the programme is devised to provide inputs to algorithm developers and help budding professionals in the field to create a business impact.

This online MS programme will have 15 hours of live sessions over the course of two years. Including this, there will be a total of 900 hours of learning. Sessions on Machine Learning (ML), Database Management Systems (DMS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Programming languages, Marketing management, operations and Supply Chain Management, (SCM) ethics, strategy, etc. will be conducted during the course of the programme.

Adding value to the field of Data Science

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The programme was inaugurated in the presence of Prof Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore; Prof Suhas Joshi, Director, IIT Indore; Prof Neelesh Kumar Jain, Former Acting Director and Faculty, IIT Indore; Prof Amit Vatsa, Programme Coordinator, IIM Indore; and Prof Parimal Kar, Programme Coordinator, IIT Indore.

Currently, businesses in India are in need of a workforce accustomed to managing data and using relevant tools to best fit the post-pandemic scenario and this programme will help students develop both business and technical skills.

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