Multi-disciplinary courses to be offered at 238 govt colleges in Indore & other MP districts

Multi-disciplinary courses to be offered at 238 govt colleges in Indore & other MP districts

The order also states the provision to call faculties from neighbouring colleges for guest lectures

About 238 government colleges in Madhya Pradesh have been identified to offer multidisciplinary courses from the upcoming academic session 2022-23 as per the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2022. Out of this, 52 colleges have been selected in the Indore division. According to the additional director at the Department of Higher Education (DHE), Suresh Silawat said that these courses will be undergraduate programmes, offered on a self-finance basis.

Tuition fee for the new courses to remain nominal

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Higher Education Minister, Mohan Yadav chaired a review meeting where the decision of keeping the tuition low was made. The move came in a bid to make the tuition fee affordable and make programmes accessible for students.

Silawat also shared that colleges will be able to appoint visiting faculty for these multidisciplinary courses as per the permissions granted by the DHE. Under this decision, faculties from neighbouring colleges and retired faculty members can also be called to take lectures for the multidisciplinary courses. About 70 subjects are being made available under the programme.

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In order to help run multidisciplinary courses, DHE has urged other government and private colleges to adopt the selected govt. Colleges. NEP 2020, implemented in the academic year 2020-21, advocates multi-disciplinary courses and teaching. Due to this, DHE is making active efforts in this direction. The goal is to make as many colleges capable of multidisciplinary teaching as possible.

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