Empowering disabled children through free Surgical Camp in Indore

Empowering disabled children through free Surgical Camp in Indore

To avail this opportunity, photo and video featuring the child in question is required to be submitted.

Indore's Swarnim Foundation has initiated a compassionate endeavour to provide disabled children with a renewed sense of hope through a free surgical camp. The driving force behind this project, Virendra Kumar Jain, revealed that the camp will be in operation until November 30th.

Additionally, a financial assistance of ₹1,000 is being provided to the patients to cover their transportation cost.

How to enroll for this free surgical camp

To enroll a child for surgery, interested parties must provide a photograph and video of the child in question. Subsequently, a qualified surgeon assesses the child's suitability for surgery, and upon confirmation, the child is invited to participate in the camp.

Prominent social workers Kapil Jain and Pooja Jain, serving as chief guests, expressed that Swarnim Foundation is taking a crucial step toward enhancing the lives of these deserving children, providing them with a newfound sense of hope and opportunities. Jain further emphasized that this surgical camp not only enhances the physical well-being of these children but also contributes significantly to their mental health.

President Vivek Sharda Jain mentioned that besides offering cost-free surgeries, they've arranged food and accommodation for parents right at the hospital. These surgeries are expertly conducted by Dr. Pramod Neema, a specialist in bone and joint transplants, along with his committed team.

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